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Wheelchair Accessible Payment Terminal Mount

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Wheelchair Accessible Payment Terminal Mount

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  • Arm lowers a maximum of 10 inches below counter height

  • maximized physical protection of EMV-ready terminals support compliance of PCI DSS v3.0-Requirement 9.9

  • Essential security features provided by the terminal mounting plate include anti-skimming and port blocker solutions

  • Effortless installation onto flat counter surfaces for left or right checkout lane integration

  • Compact design offers a space-saving solution for any retail counter

  • Convenient handles allow operation with the use of only one hand

  • Multiple position angles ensure terminal display is within sight of people of different heights or those using a wheelchair

  • Smooth tilt and rotation at multiple joints allow for continuous positioning adjustments from customer to cashier's viewpoint

Product Name Price Qty
MMF-PSL10W-04 | Ingenico® iSC Touch 480 with Key-locked Cover
(Ships in 5 - 7 Business Days)
MMF-PSL96W-04 | Ingenico® iSC250
(Ships in 5 - 7 Business Days)
MMF-PSL98W-04 | Verifone® MX925
(Ships in 5 - 7 Business Days)
MMF-PSL95W-04 | Verifone® / Moneris® MX915, PAX® PX7
(Ships in 5 - 7 Business Days)
MMF-PSL80W-04 | Equinox® L4100, L4150, L4200, L5300, Everest® Series, Honeywell® 8500 Series, Omni®, Verifone® MX800 Family (MX830, MX850, MX860, MX870, MX880)
(Ships in 5 - 7 Business Days)
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The MMF POS Wheelchair Accessible Mount for payment terminals is a unique, patent pending, adaptable arm that extends from a stationary position above a standard checkout counter height to a height below the counter to within ADA* guidelines, closer to the wheelchair armrests for easier payment verification, signing approval, and/or entering a PIN on the terminal screen.

Cable Management and Mounting Highlights
Cable Management and Mounting Highlights

* ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Although this product helps support compliance with ADA height performance guidelines, it does not by itself ensure ADA compliance.



Base Diameter 5 inches
Max. Outward Extension (+/-) 15 inches
Max. Depth Extension (+/-) 10 inches
Height ( at home position) 8.5 inches (with terminal)
Length of Arms 7.5 inches / 8 inches
Tilt Forward Motion (at base) (+/-) 142º
Tilt Extension (at elbow) (+/-) 110º
Tilt ( at Mounting Plate) (+/-) 0-60º
Horizontal Rotation ( at base) (+/-) 240º
Colors Black (custom colors available upon request)
Finish Textured powder coat
Construction Steel
Parts Order Replacement Keys
User Guide
NOTE: Measurements are based upon securing the stand 2 inches away from edge of the counter