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TruVue™ Verification Station

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TruVue™ Verification Station
SKU: 225-T100-04

  • Minimize loss from receiving counterfeit currency at the POS station

  • Eliminate liability from accepting fake identification

  • Improve efficiency by streamlining the validation process without increasing checkout times

  • Maximize space by eliminating the need for stand-alone devices that require extra counter space



The TruVue™ Verification Station is a patent-pending, multi-purpose counterfeit detection solution that verifies payments and identifications. It's an integrated space-saving solution with a variety of reliable and quick counterfeit detection features that seamlessly integrate with most Point-of-Sale checkouts.

Features and Capabilities

Triple 'Leading Edge Technology' Detection

  • Magnetic (MG) Detection - Verifies the presence of magnetic ink used to print authentic bills. This helps prevent bleaching of bills to reprint larger denominations on legitimate paper.
  • Infrared (IR) Detection - Confirms portions of the banknote printed in infrared ink. IR features on U.S. currency are not legible by the human eye and require a machine to read, making them extremely difficult for counterfeiters to replicate.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Detector – A multi-purpose compartment with motion sensor automatically turns on to validate holograms embedded in valid ID’s, driver’s licenses, credit cards, passports, and banknotes.

Integrated Solution

  • Validates bills and authenticates credit cards and identifications within practical reach of cashiers.

LockIt® Secured Compartment with Deposit Slot

  • Prevents misplacing credit cards on open tabs, safely stores away large denomination bills, confiscated counterfeit bills or fake IDs.

No extra counter space required - Reinforced Top Surface

  • Maximize counter space with a 35lbs load capacity and ample room to accommodate a full POS system and other peripherals. Seamlessly sits on top of 16” and 18” wide cash drawers.
Additional Information

Additional Information