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How do I open my printer driven Interface Cash Drawer?

MMF Cash Drawers that connect to a receipt printer, require the POS application to send the proper opening codes to the printer, which will then send the signal to open the Cash Drawer. Consult the software documentation for your particular printer for the proper open codes.
Typically the open code is placed in a field or series of fields under a Configuration, Utilities or Setup portion of a POS application. For example, with an Epson printer the following code would be entered in your printer setup.

ESC P m t1 t2
Generate Pulse Drawer 1-0 On Time Off Time
    Drawer 2-1    
(Hex) 1B 70 0 5A 28
(Dec) 27 112 0 100 40

For more information on open codes, consult the documentation or manuals that came with your printer.

Does it matter which end of the Printer Cable Assembly plugs into the printer and which end plugs into the MMF POS Cash Drawer?

Yes. The correct ends must be plugged into the receipt printer and cash drawer. The end of the cable that has a label with the cable part number will plug into the Cash Drawer. For example the end that reads:  226-199EPST10-00 would plug into the Cash Drawer and the end that has a label that reads: “Connect to Star Printer” would plug into a Star receipt printer.

How do I setup or test my Standard Serial or USB Upgradeable Interface on my MMF POS cash drawer ?

The individual instruction manuals can be downloaded from the web site http://www.mmfpos.com/support/user-manuals.html

Are Drivers available for the Upgradeable Interfaces in the MMF POS Cash drawers?

For printer driven cash drawer users will need to contact the printer manufacturer for the particular printer specific drivers. OPOS Drivers for the USB, VAL-u Line USB, and Standard Serial drawers are available online http://www.mmfpos.com/support/cash-drawer-drivers.html

How do I know what drivers I need to use for my Upgradeable Interface?

The individual instruction manuals for the Upgradeable Interfaces can be downloaded from the web site http://www.mmfpos.com/cash-drawer-connectivity/upgradable-interfaces.html.
OPOS Drivers are available for the USB, VAL-u Line USB and Standard Serial Interfaces if required by the POS software.

How do I order replacement keys, cables or parts?

For keys, simply look for the Key or Lock number on the face of the lock or stamped on the key and follow steps detailed on the order page.  If you need assistance on a cable or replacement part number, contact our technical team at 800-769-1954.
Orders over the phone cannot be taken for your security. You can place an order online via our secured website at http://www.mmfpos.com/store/cash-drawer-replacment-keys.html

How can I order a cash drawer?

We work closely with our channel partners to make sure that MMF POS products and support are available when and where it's needed. Please contact one of our distributors for more information.http://www.mmfpos.com/quick-links/distributors.html