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Key Cabinets

For nearly 40 years MMF has led the market in the design and manufacture of innovative STEELMASTER® Key Cabinets that help organize, secure, manage and track your keys.

The STEELMASTER® Key Cabinets are perfect for use in many POS retail and hospitality environments, like restaurants, hotels, and stores. All models are constructed of heavy gauge steel with a scratch and chip-resistant finish.  

  • The Uni-Tag Cabinet system helps you organize and secure keys by holding them on the slotted steel key racks.  It will help keep track of “loaner” keys - when a key is loaned or issued, place an "Out Key" control tag in its place. These control tags are included.
  • The Dupli-Key Cabinet system utilizes two different sets of numbered key tags to make managing keys as efficient as possible.
  • If you manage keys with large fobs, our new Fob-Friendly Key Cabinets will help you keep these keys organized and presentable. Perfect for Valet Parking!
  • For the ultimate level of protection, the Maximum Security Key Cabinet Series provide three versions of security, an Advanced Self-Powered Lock model, a Dual-Control Electronic Combination Locks model, and a Dual-Control with Keyed Deadbolts model.  

Why Steelmaster Cabinets